Downloadable products importer for Magmi

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Downloadable products importer for Magmi

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Downloadable products plugin adds downloadable products import capabilities to Magento Mass Importer (Magmi).
  • Super fast
  • Direct SQL import
  • Large number of files support
  • Multiple storeviews and Websites support
  • 100% Open Source
  • Quick and Easy Installation
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Magmi (for Magento Mass Importer) is a catalog importer tool for Magento. Designed to import directly products via SQL, Magmi is very fast and can process large number of products. Downloadable products plugin implements import of downloadable products via Magmi.

Requirements and Installation

This tool is a Magmi plugin. Magmi must be installed and configured. For more information, please check the Magmi documentation.

Uncompress the archive and place the directory downloadable and his content in the directory magento-install-dir/magmi/plugins/extra/itemprocessors/.


Add a column named links using this syntax:

file:{link},sort_order :{position},title:{file title},sample :{example link},is_shareable :{config or 0 or 1},number_of_downloads :{value}

  • {link}: complete local file path of the source file or url
  • Each file is separated by « ; »
  • Column type is mandatory and the value must be downloadable


[links] => file:,sort_order:,title:7102-CC,sample:,is_shareable:config,number_of_downloads:0; file:,sort_order:,title:7102-DD,sample:,is_shareable:config,number_of_downloads:0

[links] => file:/var/www/magento/var/import/files/,sort_order:,title:7102-CC,sample:,is_shareable:config,number_of_downloads:0; file:,sort_order:,title:7102-DD,sample:,is_shareable:config,number_of_downloads:0